C++ Producer Guide

March 1998

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Annex B. Symbol table dump syntax

The following gives a summary of the syntax for the symbol table dump file (version 1.1):

dump-file : command-listopt command-list : command command-listopt command : version-command identifier-command scope-command override-command base-command api-command template-command promotion-command error-command path-command file-command include-command string-command version-command : V number number string
location : number number number string string number number number string * number number number * number number * number * *
identifier : number = identifier-name accessopt scope-identifier number identifier-name : string C type D type O string T type access : N B P scope-identifier : identifier * identifier-command : D identifier-info type-info M identifier-info type-info T identifier-info type-info Q identifier-info U identifier-info L identifier-info C identifier-info W identifier-info type-info I identifier-command identifier-info : identifier-key location identifier identifier-key : K MO MF MB TC TS TU TE TA NN NA VA VP VE VS FE function-keyopt FS function-keyopt FB function-keyopt CF function-keyopt CS function-keyopt CV function-keyopt CM CD E L XO XF XP XT function-key : C function-keyopt I function-keyopt type-info : type identifieropt sort scope-identifier *
scope-command : SS scope-key location identifier SE scope-key location identifier scope-key : N S B D H CT CF CC
override-command : O identifier identifier
base-command : B identifier-key identifier base-graph base-graph : base-class base-class ( base-list ) base-class : number = Vopt accessopt type-name number : base-list : base-graph base-listopt base-number : number : type-name
api-command : X identifier-key identifier string
template-command : Z identifier-key identifier token-application specialise-info specialise-info : identifier token-application *
type : type-name c s i l x b w y z f d r v u Sc Uc Us Ui Ul Ux C type V type P type R type M type-name : type F type parameter-types A natopt : type B nat : type t parameter-listopt : type p type a type : type n lit-baseopt lit-suffixopt W type parameter-types q type Q string * type-name : identifier token-application parameter-types : : exception-specopt func-qualifieropt : . exception-specopt func-qualifieropt : . exception-specopt func-qualifieropt . , type parameter-types func-qualifier : C func-qualifieropt V func-qualifieropt exception-spec : ( exception-listopt ) exception-list : type type , exception-list nat : + number - number identifier token-application string parameter-list : identifier identifier , parameter-list lit-base : O X lit-suffix : U l Ul x Ux
promotion-command : P type : type
sort : expression-sort statement-sort type-sort tag-type-sort member-sort proc-sort func-sort template-sort macro-sort expression-sort : ZEL type ZER type ZEC type ZN statement-sort : ZS type-sort : ZTO ZTI ZTF ZTA ZTP ZTS ZTU tag-type-sort : ZTTS ZTTU member-sort : ZM type : type-name proc-sort : ZPG parameter-listopt ; parameter-listopt : sort ZPS parameter-listopt : sort func-sort : ZF type template-sort : ZTt parameter-listopt : macro-sort : ZUO ZUF number token-application : T identifier , token-argument-list : token-argument-list : token-argument token-argument , token-argument-list token-argument : E expression N nat S statement T type M member F identifier C identifier expression : nat statement : expression member : identifier string
error-name : number = string number error-command : ES location error-info EW location error-info EI location error-info EF location error-info EC error-info EA error-argument error-info : error-name number number error-argument : B base-number C scope-identifier E expression H identifier-name I identifier L location N nat S string T type V number V - number
path-command : FD number = string stringopt directory : number * file-command : FS location directory FE location include-command : FIA location string FIQ location string FIN location string FIS location string FIE location string FIR location
string-command : A location string AC location string AL location string ACL location string

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